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I am a Wife to an amazing husband and mom to 2 beautiful girls.  Always In pursuit of OOLA and devoted to helping people achieve WELLNESS through Inspiration, Motivation, Clean Food, Fitness, Healthy Lifestyle and Young Living Essential Oils.   Join me here for some great tips, recipes and sharing stories about striving to BALANCE this lifestyle with a busy family AND using essential oils to help us achieve our goals.

WELLNESS is a way of Life,

a LIFESTYLE you design

to achieve your


 for Well-Being!


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and I am only referring to Young Living Essential Oils when blogging and posting recipes.  Young Living Essential Oils promotes wellness, and makes no claims of diagnosing, treating, or curing diseases.

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 Essential Oils for Women's Health and Emotions

Essential Oils for Women's Health and Emotions

Take a break from your busy schedule, gather your girlfriends and  JOIN US for a relaxing afternoon as we discuss the important issues of WOMEN'S HEALTH AND EMOTIONS and utlizing Young Living Products to promote a Healthy and Happier Life!

Our Agenda will include:
1. Women's Health using your Premium Starter Kit
2. Hormone Support and Oils
3. Lymphatic System, Thyroid and Adrenal Support
4. Oils to Support Emotional Health

This is a free class and Q/A session.    For more details, send me your email address for an EVITE!

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 THE OILY EXPERIMENT:  52 oils in 52 weeks

THE OILY EXPERIMENT: 52 oils in 52 weeks

Join me on Facebook for 52 weeks of Educational Learning and Fun Facts as we cover 1 oil each week!    There is so much to learn about our incredible essential oils from Young Living and the Products that contain them!  If you'd like to Join the Fun check out the link below!

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Updates from Michele McDaniel

 Energizing Lemon Sugar Cookie Scrub

Energizing Lemon Sugar Cookie Scrub

Looking for a great Teacher Gift for Valentine's Day or are you in need of some ENERGY!  Try this DIY morning Scrub for the bath or shower.

1 1/2 c White Sugar
1/4 c Olive Oil
10 - 15 drops Lemon Essential Oil
Lemon Zest
3 - 4 drops pure Vanilla
Mason Jar

Add vanilla and Lemon EO to Olive oil and stir.    Grate 1 lemon (large pieces if you can) for zest and add zest to the sugar, mix well.  (not only does this add some zing but also a little decor to your presentation.)     Combine Oil mixture and sugar mixture and stir until combined.    Add to mason jar for storage.

If GIFTING your Scrub, trace around the lid on paper to create a label on top and add some ribbon and a card!!

What an awesome treat for Valentine's Day or TREAT YOURSELF with this energizing morning body scrub.   I always recommend Young Living Essential Oils!   If you'd like more information, please CONTACT me above.    If you're ready to start your journey with essential oils, please click PLACE AN ORDER.   I love to have you on the Oilychemist Team.   HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY....

 SHAKE STATION for Healthy Snacking

SHAKE STATION for Healthy Snacking

Are you following a resolution for Weight Loss or Management this year?   Do your kids need quick Healhty Snacks?    You can answer both of these questions with a Shake Station!!!     Right now I am supplementing 1 meal with a healthy shake and my kids are always hungry right after school.   The SHAKE STATION is Super Convenient, Always Visible and Always Ready to Go for a healthy Choice.   Our Station includes  Protein powders, Peanut Butter powder, Flax seed and Chia Seed jars and the NINJA Smoothie Mixer.   The fruit is kept frozen but there's always fresh bananas on hand.    We use Almond milks, coconut milks and sometimes just water.   Our latest FAVORITE smoothie is Peppermint Patty Protein.   This shake is packed with Protein and a jolt of Energy!   I used Young Living Peppermint Vitality in today's recipe.

Grabbing a smoothie is HEALTHY CHOICE!    It's important to teach our kids about living a Healthy Lifestyle and it's even more important to Lead By Example!   Set up your Shake Station today.    If you'd like more information about Young Living Essential Oils, Contact me above.    If you're ready to start your journey, click "Place an Order" .
Have a Healthy Day and Remember to Have PURPOSE, Promote WELLNESS and Live OILY!

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